Um, really, Chris, you could have pulled back a bit

douglas preston hunts for the ‘the lost city of the monkey god’

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Leishmaniasis, a life threatening disease transmitted by a jungle species of sand fly, was contracted by many of the expedition team members. “I do have it, and it’s not a pleasant disease at all,” Preston said. On the evening of Tuesday, Oct. Anytime you square off against the Mids, a key will be ground ball hustle. You must match Navy’s swarming attitude. A more subtle key this Friday will be how Maryland shoots against Colin Finnegan, who plays on an unusually high arc.

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Fingerlings Monkey As expected, Christie downplayed the impact his absences from the state had on his ability to govern. Alluding to his being out of state last year for all or part of 261 days, he said it was misleading because it included times he was in New York City or Philadelphia. To suggest that his past two years traveling on behalf of the Republican Governors Association or himself as a Republican candidate did not diminish his ability to fully concentrate on New Jersey’s problems is absurd Fingerlings Monkey.