The rest of this vast 11,350 square foot house built in 1903,

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Hermes Replica Michael Schumacher’s Formula One BenettonUnusual? Of course. But just wait until you look out in the grounds.For that is where Lawson keeps his Sea Harrier, one of the now retired 12 vertical landing naval aircraft that BBC reporter Brian Hanrahan counted out and counted back to HMS Hermes on that memorable day in the North Atlantic during the Falklands War in 1982.Henry Lawson’s retired Sea Harrier at Henfield Lodgewife Lindsay thinks I eccentric and threatens to sell these things on eBay, on a buy and collect basis, when I away on business jokes Lawson, who runs a helicopter business close to his home, Henfield Lodge, in the village of Henfield in West Sussex.The rest of this vast 11,350 square foot house built in 1903, extended shortly afterwards and enlarged again by the Lawson family since they bought it in 1996 is more conventional, but no less interesting.The vineyard that produces 1,000 bottles a yearThe interior boasts a grand entrance hall, no fewer than 10 bedrooms, a purpose built temperature controlled wine cellar and a state of the art swimming pool complex, as well as the library, billiard room, conservatory and drawing room befitting a country pile.All this is just an hour of London and is now on sale through estate agency Knight Frank for 3.95m. But what may tempt a buyer even more than the house and the location are the splendid grounds and the views.The property is situated at the foot of the beautiful South Downs National Park and the 8.5 acres of grounds that accompany the house are largely south facing and sloped perfect for the vineyard which the Lawsons have built up over almost 20 800 or so vines and they produce about 1,000 bottles a year, mostly sparkling and mostly rose, bottled close by Hermes Replica.