The international trafficking of women and girls was of

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Replica Belts The objectives and purposes of the Declaration on the Right to Development, adopted by the General Assembly in resolution 41/128 of 4 December 1986 Replica Belts, were fully subscribed to. The international trafficking of women and girls was of concern to the Government of Mozambique which appealed to the Commission on Human Rights to assist it in the search for measures to control and combat this phenomenon. Mozambique continued to be confronted with the ever increasing threat of anti personnel landmines and it attached high importance to finding durable solutions to this issue.HONG SOON YOUNG, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea, said throughout the half century since the establishment of the Government in 1948, the Korean people had steadfastly believed in democracy and endeavoured to uphold human rights and the dignity of human beings Replica Belts.