She has dreamed about it since she was in high school but

Because it was “close to Mom” Poorly Disguised Pilot: In the episode “Almost Home”, Webster visits Jack, a close friend of his father who never appeared in any other episode. Jack, played by country musician Mac Davis, is a country musician who now works at a foster home. The whole episode revolves around the people at the foster home and Webster is an extra.

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Yup, a creepy book all right. Curse: There is one on Finn, although we don’t know precisely what it does. Or if it is an actual curse. Donna has been telling people for years that she wants to start her own business. She has dreamed about it since she was in high school but instead of taking steps towards following her dream, she has spent her days in the corporate world. When asked, Donna will say she doesn’t know what she wants to do for a career..

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