Papamoa Kennels Settling in Day

Papamoa Kennels has a policy that any new dog coming in to PKC, must come in for a “settling in“ day, before they can come in for a boarding stay or future day stays.

This is all about the dog to make sure that your dog is happy and settled in our busy kennel environment. The last thing you want or we want is your loved dog being anxious or stressed in an environment that is new to them.

This is a not negotiable policy and will apply to any dog that has not been to PKC, either before or hasn’t been here for a while. (Our office will advise you if your dog is required to come in for a settling in day).

Our experienced team will do their utmost to settle your dog in and make sure that their day with us is fun and enjoyable.

We ask that you:

  • drop your dog into us between 8-9am and pick up between 4- 5pm. 
  • Your dog will then get 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours of playing and socialising with the other dogs in the morning and then 1 – 2 hours of playing and socialising in the afternoon. 
  • From 10.30 – 3.15, your dog will be kenneled with some yummy lunch and to have a wee nap.

This needs to be booked in advance via our online booking form here. We only take “Settling In” days between Monday - Thursday’s, and we limit it to two dogs per area, per day, so our team get plenty of time to spend with your dog, giving it the best chance to settle in.

We will not accept dogs that are unsociable or disruptive to our calm but busy environment. We need to look after all of the dogs in our care.

The cost of this is $20.00 for the day.