“On both sides of the border, young people are staying home

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Canada Goose Parkas “There have been numerous media reports about low rates of home ownership among today’s thirtysomethings, which is a sign that this is not a blip.”On both sides of the border, young people are staying home longer, and often returning to the nest after initially flying away.”High levels of immigration and different cultures keep their children in the home longer, especially in big cities,” said associate professor Linda Schweitzer of Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business in Ottawa.Millenials should stay home to prosper down the line, experts say’Boomerang’ kids the latest trend according to recent census dataYoung people today are spending more time in school to get a leg up in the moribund job market, and that’s having an impact on the numbers, she notes. In 1990, less than half of young Canadians got a university or college degree. Today, more than 75 per cent pursue one.”It’s very typical to stay at home while getting education,” Schweitzer said, “and there’s a prevalence of people getting second and third degrees now.”. Canada Goose Parkas

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