Day Care for Dogs

You know when your dog has not had enough stimulation in the day.  They are destructive, they are demanding and they have a lot of unspent energy.  Generally dogs also do not get enough socialisation with other dogs.  Naturally, they are a pack animal and enjoy being with other dogs.


This is where Day Stay for Dogs is a very cost effective option to keep your dog or dogs socialised, exercised and stimulated while you are at work for the day.

Day Stay is suitable for any type and size of dog as they all need some form of activity during the day, if you can't give it.  Our facilities cater for loads of activity with our large grassed areas for the large dogs and separate running areas for the smaller dogs and toy dogs.

Drop off for Day Stays is between 8am and 9:30am, so they have a full morning of play before rest time.  Our Day Stays then have another play from 3pm before an uplift time between 4pm and 5.30pm.  This is a full day of active stimulation away from the home and many day stay customers comment how much better behaved their dog is after their visit.

All normal boarding vaccinations are required for day stay dogs

Day Stays must be booked in advance and will depend on availability.

We encourage an inspection of our facilities.  Contact Us to arrange a time to visit and chat to Tanya.