“He is so remorseful over putting her and the kids through such

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Replica Hermes Birkin It was the least he could do in light of all what’s happened.”He is so remorseful over putting her and the kids through such an ordeal. So stay tuned for another week of gossip mongering as the chef gets a (pun intended) public roasting.Symonds already claims she can prove she had “regular phone sex” with the F Word star lasting up to an hour at a time.She also says she can prove that she had sex with Ramsay because she can identify an intimate scar on his body, reports the Mirror.More juicy details have also emerged about Symonds and her alleged efforts to “snare” Ramsay. Some of the bizarre claims say Symonds: dramatically changed her looks to ‘rope in Ramsay’ indulged in a course of botox to maker her look younger dyed her hair platinum blonde a shade of mop she was told Ramsay has a weakness forCapped off with this little gem from another snitch: “Sarah became obsessed with Ramsay.”Despite tongues wagging about his alleged infidelity, Ramsay, 42, and Tana, 33, have pledged to save their marriage. Replica Hermes Birkin

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