Greenpeace wants more marine protected areas

The NES version, released in the end of 1989 and published by Acclaim in the West, was much like its NES predecessor: more of an adaptation of its arcade counterpart than a direct port. The basic premise remained the same, but this time the story was told through comic book esque interludes between stages. Technos had more experience with the NES hardware this time around result of working on several titles since the original Double Dragon, including the cult classic River City Ransom it was able to retain co op multiplayer and toss in the option to disable “friendly fire” damage. The level designs were much more elaborate than the arcade version (with nine missions instead of the arcade’s four), and a new final boss replaced Machine Gun Willy as the main antagonist.

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Valentin replica Connected to climate change, ocean acidification is a direct effect of oceans absorbing excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which is already affecting marine life. Greenpeace wants more marine protected areas, less illegal fishing and is collaborating with a group of organisations and already making strides in stopping our oceans from becoming a giant rubbish dump for plastic. Valentin replica

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