Even the Girls Want Her: In a series where yuri is prevalent

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Designer Replica Handbags Double Entendre: A surprisingly bold instance can be found when Yuzuko and Yukari fantasize about Yui’s “delicious little bean.” E = MC Hammer: In universe, Yuzuko finds the Zeller’s Congruence formula and, while understanding its application, cannot utilise it herself. Even the Girls Want Her: In a series where yuri is prevalent, two notable examples stand out: Yui is idolised by Yukari, Yuzuko, and Aikawa Aikawa herself is idolised by everyone save Yui Everything’s Better with Monkeys: The unique scent from Natto inexplicably causes both Yukari and Yuzuko to dream about gorillas. They subsequently start making gorilla related puns in their text messages. Designer Replica Handbags

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