We treat every dog as an individual and are very careful to run dogs together with similar size and agility/playfulness so that all dogs have the best time possible.  Our staff are always close at hand, watching the dogs behaviour to ensure we can identify any potential behaviour issues and be proactive before anything gets out of hand or to identify a dog that would just prefer some quiet time.

For our elderly or timid dogs that would prefer more peace and quiet, we have a smaller grassed area where they can laze about in the sun without getting hassled by the more vigorous dogs.

We pride ourselves in giving the dogs plenty of play and exercise time.  The dogs have approximately three hours of free running in the morning before they are put away in their individual kennels, for their brunch and some well earned rest.  They are let out again for around two hours in the afternoon and then it’s a yummy dinner and off to bed for the night.

All dogs have individual kennels, unless there are two dogs from the same family, where they can share a larger kennel.  All dogs are provided with comfy bedding but owners are welcome to bring any bedding or toys that the dogs prefer.  In the colder months of Winter, all dogs have coats put on them during the night so that they keep nice and warm.

Any dogs that stay at the Kennels for longer than four days will receive a complimentary bath.  If the stay is shorter than this, a bath can be requested for a small charge of $10.  We also offer discounts for more than one animal staying from the same family.  See our full list of rates here

We require all vaccinations to be up to date for any stay at the Kennels.  Compulsory vaccinations are Canine Cough and the 5 in 1 vaccine, which includes Parvo Virus, hepatitis and distemper.  A lot of owners also get protection for Lepto as well, although Lepto is not a compulsory vaccine for our Kennels.  Please check all vaccinations are up to date prior to bringing your dog to stay as we will not accept any dogs without current vaccinations.  Download a PDF checklist here.

We welcome inspections of our facilities and to discuss what makes us different.  So what are you waiting for – make a booking and give your dog a great experience while you are away and get total peace of mind.

Please read our Settling in Day Policy here