Our philosophy is that your loved cat feels as close to home as possible during their stay.  That is why we prefer an open communal cattery, rather than individual “lock up” cages.  Cats like to roam freely and generally dislike being locked up and our large, spacious cattery allows your cat to choose whether to play with other cats, graze on the food options available, or find their own special place to curl up, whether that is the sofa, a tunnel, in the sun, or up in the rafters.

Water and food is freely available 24 hours a day

One of the main concerns with a communal cattery is that sometimes it can be difficult to tell if each cat is eating properly or is not well.  We have solved this through implementing our “over and above” checks.  The animals are individually checked and weighed, to ensure we can quickly identify if your cat is not eating properly or if there is a health problem.   Total peace of mind.

We also have an option of individual cages for those cats that we are concerned about or have particular medical or dietary requirements.

Please note that all cats must have an annual vaccination to stay in the cattery.  PKC Vaccination Policy.

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