“WOOF, Oh boy oh boy, when I see bags getting packed at home I know it’s PARTY TIME !!!!!!! I get to go and see my FRIENDS, and I get to lick Heidi’s FACE and I get all the quite dogs rarked up cause they’re too quiet and I play and play and they feed me HEAPS and I get my own room and I don’t have to “leave the cat alone Grrr” at home and I get SOOOOO excited when my humans drive up the driveway, it’s LOOKOUT, I’m HERE !!!!! And mum??? Who’s mum??? I get to forget about all the stupid house rules and just be ME! I get really dirty and get to smell like a REAL dog instead like oatmeal body scrub (How embarrassing)….. but then they BATH me so I go home smelling like the poodle up the road …. But that’s OK, cause I know when I start smelling like the poodle up the road…… I’m going to see mum and get to chase the smelly cat again! WOOF”.


I had the pleasure of finding Papamoa Kennels and Cattery three and a half years ago when I unexpectedly acquired a large 11 month old Mastiff/Boxer X dog who required a lot of exercise, socialisation and a firm hand. What a find Papamoa Kennels was. We travel a lot and our dog has had many trips to his favourite “resort”, including two stints lasting almost six weeks. Prior to finding Papamoa Kennels, he had had two “sleepovers” at other Kennels and never looked happy when I picked him up. These days, I get as far as the Papamoa main highway roundabout and he starts to get the shakes, run around the back seat and bark with excitement. I don’t even get so much as a face lick goodbye, he almost breaks the window out of the car to get into the dog runs. (I promise he is actually very well treated at home). It’s such a huge relief to leave my boy at the kennels knowing he is so happy. He is always in fantastic shape when I return, having been kept up to date with all his meds and well fed, exercised and loved. I can’t express enough how much this makes my holiday more enjoyable knowing he is happy. I would , and have, recommended Papamoa Kennels to every other dog owner I know who needs a home away from home for their important friend.
Lee Drummond